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Things to prepare to start making money with Affiliate
11 months ago

What preparation is needed to make money with Affiliate Marketing? With this question, we will share with you: The most necessary and most important things for you to know clearly and take action to make money right from the start.

Determine the thought and thinking needed when doing Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing (affiliate marketing) is now a real and serious online money-making profession. This field of making money is becoming more and more remote from those who want to do real business. Because there are more and more competitors, there are stricter and tougher laws from the supplier of the product or service.

So the mindset of making money with affiliate marketing is here?

●    Practice long-term thinking, don't fall into the wrong forms

●    Be realistic and set clear, correct goals

●    Pay attention to the quality of user traffic (traffic from real users) rather than just the quantity.

●    Please select units with affiliate programs that have a policy of transparency on commissions, how to pay the money quickly, and the prestigious commissions that you get. You can use search engines only for affiliate programs, such as AffiliateJoin was created to help people find the best choice with the highest-paying.

●    Focusing on products that give value to customers is the top goal: Choose products that society needs, users need, not products that you have or like.

●    Continuously test & test many ways: There is no better way than you to test and get feedback and then improve, don't sit and think and expect to create the most perfect thing before launching. Maybe that thing you think is perfect no one will buy!

●    There is no best product or service, no worst product or service, there is just one that fits the needs of the market better.

●    Doing affiliate marketing is that you are building a serious online business system for yourself, but with business, whether in the online environment as well as in real life, the risk is inevitable and risk always goes hand in hand with loss. money.

●    Willing to overcome all difficulties and see failure as an experience

●    Persevere and work hard with the direction you set the goal from the beginning

Determining the right mindset to do affiliate marketing is the way to success without detours

Wrong thinking when doing affiliate marketing

●    Think this is how to get rich quick

●    Burning money on useless courses without finding out what you need? what do you want?

●    Not willing to invest

●    Lazy to practice, afraid of hard work, going to bed too early before chicken

●    Want to do real business, want 1 capital 10 profit and more

●    Burning out the working period too quickly: The type that didn't learn to crawl and learned to run

The skills you need when you want to work seriously with affiliate marketing

●    Know how to use computers (phones are fine but very limited for effective study and work)

●    Good English is an advantage

●    Ability to self-study, self-study (improve working skills -> teamwork skills)

●    There are online skills: Specifically Digital Marketing skills: Website design, SEO, advertising, ...

●    Sales and customer care skills

●    Take a firm stance and persevere with the work you are pursuing. Believe in your best friend.

●    Practicing your online skills and soft skills every day is the fastest way to help you succeed

Build the main traffic sources for doing Affiliate Marketing

There are currently 2 sources: Paid Traffic (Running Ads) and Free Traffic

(Traffic is an SEO term that describes the number of users visiting and operating on your Website. And Traffic or higher traffic is also a signal to help you get better results in the SEO process. Affiliate Marketing then Traffic = Customers = $)

1.    Free Traffic: Simply the way you go to share product links to social networking sites or place banners on websites, forums, blogs you own.

2.    Paid Traffic: This is a form of money to buy Traffic. You can run Ads ads (Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Instagram Ads, Youtube Ads, TikTok Ads...)

Building a quality traffic source is how you attract more potential customers and sell more products

Analyzing and planning to promote products and services is always the most important step of an online monetization campaign. You should note that there are many products and services with high commissions, but you have to see if that product or service can help you sell commissions? Or the product or service of that supplier has no interested customers.

Prepare equipment and costs to do Affiliate

Equipment to prepare includes

The computer is number 1 priority, the phone is number 2

Have an Internet connection

Need 3 types of cards: Visa Debit, regular bank, and Payoneer

This is a must, because if you are shaping yourself to be making money online with Affiliate Marketing. You define yourself as an independent person, independent in everything, a person who will make money, so you must have these 3 cards so that you can pay for services as well as receive money abroad or domestically sent to you.

In addition, you need a Paypal account: To receive money as well as pay for online services without having to enter card information too many times.

Get ready the money in the card to buy, sell, trade things you need to know for your affiliate business development

Hint: To start making affiliate money, you can make a Visa Debit card first. Making a Visa Debit card at ACB only takes 30 minutes and you have a card, other banks take 7-14 days. (Of course, the card must have $ in your house, how much you need to invest is up to you to decide what is appropriate for what needs to be spent reasonably.)

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